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Welcome to the Ranzi Ring Isles

The Ranzi Ring Isles is a world on the edge of discovery. DM Brandon provides a healthy mix of combat and role-playing, and each character is given a chance to stand in the spotlight.

The realm has gained access to some black powder technology, remnants from an ancient, fallen empire. Despite these discoveries, they have been unable to replicate the power of ages past.

The realm has been at peace, albeit tentatively, since the fall of Duergar empire, led by the tyrant Olivia Shriekstone. The most recent emperor, Lord Gazuffington Elquist the 7th, has been assassinated for unknown reasons, and the killer has not yet been caught. As he had no heirs, the noble houses have each been making moves to prove their validity in taking over the kingdom.

The table meets every Friday at 6:00PM

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