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Come on in and try out Lehighton's first ever Escape Room


Level 4-The Hardest

Miss Kitty is a very pretty lady, that is known as a trickster and jokester.  She has had many gentlemen suitors over the years, but she is soon ready to settle down.  She has set out a series of 'trials' to determine who can be a real suitor for her hand.  Only the one's that can find their way out will she consider! 

Level 3:  Hard-  Hansel & Gretel

Will you be on the menu?  In our most challenging escape room you will have one hour to free yourself from the witch and keep yourself off the buffet table!

Level 2: Intermediate-Joker's Box

The Joker has sealed your doom, or so he thought!!  He has left you a series of puzzles to complete in order to find your way out of the room before you belong to the Joker forever!

Level 2:  Intermediate-

What's Wrong with Granny?

Granny is annoyed at you and locks you in a room.  But, she is always checking on you to make sure you are behaving, and to bother you.  You need to solve clues to escape from crazy Granny!

Level 1:  Beginner-

Jail Break

Law and Order!  You have been accused of a murder you know you did not commit, the problem is the police think you did!  You have one hour to prove your innocence to the police before you fry in the electric chair!

Child Themed Escape Room

Remi's Birthday Party is a special designed escape room for children ages 8-12!  This room has an easier design for our younger friends that want to be challenged as well!