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Grey Round Patterns

DM Bill

DM Bill brings thirty years of tabletop gaming and DM experience to his table. As the Lead DM of Joker's, he ensures that all tables are enjoying an exceptional experience. His Champions of North Kelegore table provides an engaging, immersive storyline, and he expertly weaves the threads of the story in accordance of the players' actions and decisions.

When he isn't releasing his imagination on his players, DM Bill spends his time as a haunter at the Waldorf Hotel during spooky season. He also enjoys dance, board games, and a myriad of video games, most notably Dead by Daylight and Rocket League.

DM Bill pursued theatre and computer science for his post-secondary education, and his theatre background has inspired his portfolio of characters and worlds throughout the years. He also developed an SCP game utilizing the Esoterrorists game engine, which he ran for about a year.

In addition to all of that, DM Bill is a former soccer coach and club president, a Cub Scout Scoutmaster, and he has participated in a number of non-profits.

We are privileged and honored to have DM Bill leading not only his table, but our team of talented DMs.

Grey Round Patterns

Champions of North Kelegore
D&D 5e

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